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The Caste System is the Biggest Hindrance to the Feminist Movement in India

It is important for us to recognize those who have been victims of the caste system and strive to uplift them. By Jhilam Gangopadhyay TW: mentions of sexual assault in this article The majority of India is 3x HENSELEIT 3DNT CANOPIES SPARES REPAIR

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“Who I work for, who I answer to is that Black woman in the back, who I need to reach with my voice.” You may have already heard of LA-based trailblazer Arlan Hamilton, the founder of boutique venture firm 4CH 6-Axis Gyro Uav LED Stable Gimbal Mini W10 4CH 6-Axis Drone RC Quadcopter

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Lori Lightfoot and the Limits of Representation

Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago makes a staunch commitment to the values of her predecessor: the destruction of Black and Brown communities and the hoarding of wealth for Chicago’s 1%. By Gloria Oladipo I wish I were 51CD Follow Me 4CH 6-Axis Gyro 1080P Drone Gift 2.4Ghz One Key Take Off

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The reparations movement is not a new one, and conversation around reparations aren't either. In recent news, there has been a lot of talk about reparations from U.S. politicians. From Bernie Sanders and ...

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The issues of the Transgender and Khawaja Sira communities within Pakistan today may be similar, but they are both different communities in their own right. By Manaal Farooqi Conversations about transgender ...

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"One Day At A Time" gave viewers an ode to Latinx women in a way that no other show had. By Lory Martinez This month, Netflix announced the cancellation of critically acclaimed series “One Day at A Time” 7654 Funny Gift Drone 3D Flips 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis 1080P Aircraft

Florida Lawmakers Are Working Hard to Bring Back Racist Poll Taxes


Aiming to mitigate the impact of a new felon enfranchisement measure, Republican lawmakers are turning to Jim Crow like policies. Republicans typically don't like taxes, unless they’re poll taxes. Last week a ...

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Adelaide's fight feels like a reflection of the stories of countless Black womxn, both known and unknown to me. This essay contains spoilers for “Us” Lupita Nyong'o is the best part of Jordan Peele's latest ...

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Our bodies are all read within social and political contexts. But, some of us are never read as anything beyond bodies. By Vanessa Taylor “Thank you for coming,” a white person told me as they eagerly shook my A Syma Boxed Remote Control S.026 Cargo Transport Helicopter